It may seem to our customers like we haven't been doing much this year,  but we have been bunkered down planning our expansion and making it happen.
Whilst Martin has been buying the re-purposed equipment and designing the brew process for a much larger scale, I (the brewer's wife) have been trying to get my head around the planning requirements that we need to meet before we build the new brewery. 

Our local council planning team has been very patient as we attempt to house Savara In on a piece of land zoned farming. We are having regular meetings and are about a month away from submitting the full application.

So what does this mean?
More beer!

We needed a larger floor plan in order to extend our license and brew a greater volume which, according to our plan,  will turn us into a viable business.

We also need to be able brew a consistently higher volume to meet the requests that are coming through from retailers.

I will update as I have news, but rest assured,  Savara In Brewery is growing and we hope to welcome you through our doors during 2015!